Opengl libraries includes

I just noticed that Thomas Perl had open sourced chro.mono and thought I’d take a crack at cmake building with the sdk. It seems that I’m stuck at opengl. chromono uses

find_package(OpenGL REQUIRED)
in the CMakeLists.txt

I thought I’d try with the the various Mesa libraries, but don’t seem to be able to provide the required libraries that way. Is this possible? Or are those dependencies too old to satisfy?

OpenGLES is probably what you look for?
the OpenGL is (usually) referring to desktop GL…
That said, if thats really the dependency, adding the correct reference will open you up a can of worms most likely… If the code only supports desktop OpenGL, theres no way to compile it against OpenGLES out of the box.

Yeah, I had tried using all available mesa libs. I think it’s just the old desktop GL. It looks like a port effort.

Yep. Hail standards!