Only one caldav account possible?

I’m new to Sailfish and have installed Version 4.5. Unfortenately I have no idea how to create more than one caldav-account.

After the first (working) caldav I get on input of the data for the second caldav- account the message that there is an network error.

Have anyone an idea what happened? Thanks in advance for tipps.


Equipment: Sony Xperia 10

I don’t see why that shouldn’t be possible.
The network error probably means it’s something to do with the network, not the device.
Hard to say without the credentials.
Have you tested with other CalDAV providers? Maybe there’s something public we could both test?

If you have advanced that much already, you can also troubleshoot by opening a terminal and entering devel-su journalctl -b -f, or even better, do that over an ssh connection: Getting started with Sailfish OS |

You were right. It wasn’t a network error. No idea, what it was, but now more accounts can be created.