Older versions of SailfishOS

In order to attempt to debug a battery drain issue, I’d like to try older versions of SailfishOS.

Does Jolla provide downloadable older versions of SailfishOS?

If not, I found this repo which contains images, but I’m not sure it’s legit.
Does Jolla provide a check sum (md5 or another) so that I could double check whether the image from this GitHub repo is the original from Jolla?


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The answer to both of your questions is no.

There is no easy way to verify the torrent files agains any official source.
But FWIW I can tell you that the owner of the repo is a respected member of the SFOS community, and a couple of people have used (and uploaded) these torrents/images.
By the nature of the torrent format, the images can not be manipulated after they have been published - so you at least get what the original creator of a torrent had.


The sources are available, although these only include the open source parts of the offering.

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I tried downloading any of the XA2 images, but there was no seeder at all.

Do you know if the person that uploaded the torrents still serve these images?

What version are you looking for, actually?

I’d like to try older versions in the 4.X series for H3123 in order to see if that fixes my battery drain issue.
Since my problem arised this year, possibly version might work.

Otherwise, would there be a way to recreate the image using the source code mentioned above?

I sent you a personal message but perhaps, you didn’t notice. Or?

Yes, I saw it. I just didn’t have the time to answer yet. I’ll do it soon.

Do anybody has for Xperia 10 Dual Sim (i4113)??? Latest 4.5 still has that annoying bug with my WIFI which is pretty unsolved since its release :frowning:
Thank you all

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