Older app (drum machine) gives blank screen on Rokua

Hi there,

I made a simple drum machine app a few years ago, which I like a lot for jamming with. But after updating Sailfish to the latest version, the app just shows up as a blank screen. It used to work fine in the past.
What has changed in the meantime, and any indication how I can fix it?

The app source code is here:

Another Sailfish app that I made still runs fine. Could it be something with audio playback in the drum machine app?

I can still run the app on the emulator. It’s supposed to be looking like this:

but what version is your SDK?, your code compiles on the latest SDK but I get a white screen and some compilation errors.

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Run the app from terminal and then you should see some error(s) in terminal.

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I managed to make it run. Seems there are a couple of unrecognised ‘import statements’ for org.nemomobile.something (sorry, can’t recall the exact statement), once they are removed/hashed out, the app works on my Jolla1 device.

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Hi Edz,
Oh thanks for checking. I was going to try and debug it later this week, but you’ve already solved it.
I suppose it was this line?
import org.nemomobile.keepalive 1.1
That was for keeping the screen turned on when the app is running. But this is not actually needed.

Cheers for your help!

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That org.nemomobile.keepalive was never officially supported and has since been removed altogether.

This ought to fix it:


No worries, I enjoy the investigation and sometimes solving the problem. Yes, it was exactly that import statement I hashed out.