Old phone as smarthome device?

Hi community. I have an old Aqua Intex Fish with the newest SFOS on it.

What can I do, to use this device as a smarthome device, as a Server or wifi repeater?

Any ideas or experiences?

My Jolla1 (both of them) are soon to become obsolete, as they will no longer receive updates after the current version

My daily driver is also my home automation hub from which I control all of my lights (Sonoff Tasmotised switches) and a couple of NodeMCU development boards for controlling color changing LED strips and my old Sony HiFi, for which I had to make ALL the required apps/software and each one is bespoke and would be little to no good to anyone else without major adaptation.

As for server or repeater, I wouldn’t know where to start, again, you will be needing appropriate software to manage any situation and would likely mean developing your own apps. Good luck.

Regarding Tasmotised Sonoff switches, the modules UI can be used via Sailfish Browser for switching/controlling lights, which is okay but inconvenient when it comes to controlling all lights that you may have, in my case, 5 lights, so I had to make my own app/ui for this purpose. I also have a Sonoff RF Bridge for handling legacy IR equipment like my Sony hifi as the original remote is kaput, this could be used as a single interface as you can have up to 16 different devices (switches) and control them (on/off) all from the one UI.

A wifi repeater will not be possible hardwarewise as it is missing a second antenna or chip that supports this.
As for server. That would be possible. You can install syncthing and run it as a file server for example.
I never did it but maybe you can even install Nextcloud on it and run it as a server (I did that on my old N900)

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Where does this information come from?

From jolla blog blog.jolla.com

As linked by @atlochowski

I only read it a few days ago and was a little surprised initially, but then as pointed out elsewhere, 7 years is a good run for updates/support. I will be wringing every last drop of battery/usage from both and then will consider taking the plunge with a Sony device :frowning: