Old Jolla 1 Performance in 2020

If you’re focusing on web browsing, then: yes, you’re right. I am still using my JP1301 as a daily driver, though, and community software helps me to visit the occasional website having essential information. I have to quit other applications, to make room for that heavy thing a browser is nowadays, which is rather inconvenient. But again: considering the age of the phone, its flexibility is amazing.

Actually I’m also unable to use the mail app since last update half a year ago on my J1, although I’m not sure it’s a J1 thing, but a general mail app issue. Whenever I try to fetch new e-mails, it hangs forever…
It would be good if we could somehow sort this out, and find what’s causing it for us, and not for others.
For example, I have lots of imap folders, although I’m only syncing Inbox. I’m using my own imap server with Dovecot running on it.

I just had to test whether the reply to forum by email functionality actually works with this reply address … but alas, the sender address of the forum emails doesn’t lie.

I have this effect since SFOS 3.3, with three different mail accounts, and it seems to be connected to IMAP actions “relayed” by the Mail app to the underlying messaging framework. Usually, these relay messages are non-blocking, and the UI just shows that something is working in the background. In our case, sending those messages to the background process seems to block the UI until those messages get accepted by the middleware, which does the actual work of sending and retrieving mails and changing their metadata (“flags”).

On my phone, this is quite consistent, to the extent that I can’t use the Mail app without having the option to kill it because it is no longer responsive, for a couple of seconds up to minutes. I have no idea how to debug it, and I consider this thread inappropriate for discussing this.

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