Offline language translator with Speech Note 4.0

Ahoy Sailors!

Just want to share a few words about an update I’ve made for Speech Note 4.0 app.

New version comes with Offline Translator which surprisingly works quite well for many languages! You can translate full-text between Catalan, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, English, Spanish, German, Estonian, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Iranian, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian and Icelandic. To do so, Internet is not needed. It works, as everything in Speech Note, totally offline.

Speech Note might be useful if you, for some reason, don’t want to share your private data with online services or just happen to be in place with limited access to the Internet or, most importantly, want to be prepared for the inevitable apocalypse of our civilization.

Translator is built with code from amazing Bergamot Project and language models from Firefox Translations.

Short video presentation:

Live speech translation with me trying to speak Spanish using Speech Note + Papago:


thankyou, will give it a try.

Thank you mkiol for your efforts!
Any tips which STT and TTS models to use on armv7-devices?

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Thanks so much, I love your speech apps.

I have one small (?) request though: harbour-dsnote is now probably the largest package for SFOS at ~150MB. Would it be possible to relocate the large files somewhere under /home/.system or even /home/<current_user>?


Can we have it in the official store please?

It is indeed awfully big. Sorry for that. The problem is that I need to ship a bunch of heavy python libraries needed to do only one task ‘Restore punctuation’. I didn’t find so far any good C/C++ library for this… You have opened my eyes. Yes, I could install those libraries to /home/.system! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Everything depends for which language. For English, ‘Vosk Small’ (STT) and any Piper TTS model (my fav is ‘Jenny’ voice).

I really would like to do that but it is not possible right now due to official store restrictions. Unfortunately, Speech Note do few things which are not allowed in Harbour. Sorry :frowning:

OK i get it. In case it is API related there was a discussion a while ago about adding even more apis.

Maybe we can start the discussion again AND ask Jolla politely (or buy them a beer or two :stuck_out_tongue:).

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