Official License For F(x)tec Pro 1 / Pro 1 X Possible?

In light of the successful campaign for the Pro 1 X what are the chances that Jolla would be willing, able to sell an official license for the device? Possibly even with Android™, text input and exchange support, etc.

The community port for the Pro 1 is fantastic. The missing Android support is a bummer so.

Anyways this would be really great!


I think you should ask F(x)tec guys if they want to buy licence from Jolla.

Mh… why would they buy a license from Jolla? Sony didn’t buy a license and I could still buy one myself and flash it on device.

You mean they should ship the device with the OS and payed license?

But anyways, sure you are right if F(x)tec would approach them that would also be great. And yes, I did ask for a comment from them. So hopefully they consider it as well :slight_smile:

You can think about Sony phones as a reference devices or phones for people (not company).
If you want to earn some money on licence for people you have to choose devices witch are affordable.
F(x)tec phones are expensive and most people don’t need physical keyboard.

If you have company and want to have phones with SailfishOS (not Sony) you have to pay to Jolla for adaptation and then for maintaining OS for your device. It’s a business.