Official HSL ticket app in SailfishOS


Has anyone in Finland tried lately to use the official HSL ticket app? Does it work with the new Android 10 support (with or without microG and signature spoofing)?

All I could find was this old Jolla together thread on the subject, but it mentions only the old Android 4.4 support.

I’m about to switch from Xperia X to Xperia 10 II, and I would like to now whether or not it works on Sailfish with newer phone models?

HSL (i.e. public transport organization of the Helsinki region in Finland) is slowly deprecating the use of travel cards in favor of their app for seasonal tickets. For example, starting from January 1st 2022 students can no longer get their discount tickets with travel cards.

I have a xa2 and it’s working at least with signature spoofing. I had problem adding payment card with stock browser so had to use browser from Android side to get it work. Have not yet bought any tickets, but seems that everything is working ok…

The HSL ticket app appears to work OK with Xperia 10 II on the upcoming 4.2.0 release (also on 4.1.0, I think) without any extra gimmicks. Buying a ticket and finding a route worked fine. The HSL app relies on the OSM maps, instead of Google which helps to survive without G services.


Excellent news! Looking forward on flashing Sailfish OS on my new Xperia 10 II.

Great to hear it works! What is the best place to get the app from? Can I trust Aptoide?

I just got back to Sailfish after all these years. I got the original Jolla phone back in the day but got lured in by Android and iOS… Trying to figure things out again :slight_smile:

I personally use program called Raccoon to download apps directly from Google Play Store (better use a throw-away Google-account to be safe).

Great, thanks for the tip! I suppose Aurora Store does pretty much the same?

Essentially yes, I guess.

Raccoon is a desktop app, so you need to download app on computer and then transfer them to the target phone. Also choosing different app versions (both version number and target platform, i.e. Armv7 or Armv8 AArch64) is easier in Aurora Store.

I’m using Aurora Store & microg for getting the app. Works great.