Off topic How a jolla 1 died. Is it recoverable?

Sorry for going off topic, but this is the only forum I knew where I could ask this question.

I have a Jolla 1 that was still working fine until 3 days ago. I was in a remote location, but it was supposed to have coverage. The telephone said there was no network, I tapped Retry three times, then the button disappeared and the phone stopped detecting the SIM. Later I tried another SIM and I tried the second slot, but since then the phone does not detect any SIM.

Everything else is working, I could use the wi-fi, but I decided to open it and have a look. There is no obvious sontact that I could check with a tester and I won’t try to remove the SIM board because in any case I would not find a replacement. But I am wondering what could have gone wrong.

Is there something I could try to recover it? I mean without sending it to a shop for repair, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Too bad if it borked.

Second slot? Jolla 1 has only one SIM-slot. The other one is for SD card. Are you sure you inserted the SIM in the correct slot the right way?

I hope you get it working.