(obsolete, was: selling) Sony Xperia 10 III

I’m offering my Xperia 10 III for sale. It’s not in perfect condition (I chipped the back and the camera-protective glass (doesn’t affect the picture quality) a little.
I don’t have the original charger and cable, but I’m offering a Samsung charger as a replacement.
It’s on the latest SFOS, and it comes with Android support.
If someone needs more photos, please let me know.

I ship from Serbia, and I’m looking to get 200 euros plus shipping.

I have just one obvious question… why do you want to sell?
It’s non of my businesses of course, I’m just curious. :wink:

Although I love SFOS with all my heart, I can’t stand numerous Xperia 10 III-related bugs anymore. I know it’s not Jolla’s fault, but they lack the manpower to fix all these in the foreseeable future (IMHO).


Obvious question… Why don’t you flash Android on it? An Xperia 10 III/IV/V would be my phone of choice also on Android.

I’m not a big fan of Google. Sadly, there are no degoogled ROMs for this model.
I plan to buy a Google Pixel 6a (quite ironic, right?) and install Graphene OS on it.
If nobody wants to buy Xperia, I’ll rock Android on it and hope that SFOS will be without significant bugs on it in the future.


The price is lowered to 150e, and I’m giving the 128 GB micro SD card with it as well.

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I’m from Bulgaria and would love to get it.
U do provide the account credentials too, right?!


P.S. Извини, що ти пишем на ингилизки, али моят сръбски не е добар.

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I’ll answer the private message you sent.

It turns out it would be a drag to send the used device to some foreign countries from Serbia, and I simply can’t do it.
How can I freeze/remove this thread?

Hey there! I’m searching for a new phone and trying to decide between an Xperia like the 5 II and the 10 III with SailfishOS, which is a bit of a jump in the dark since as you said it’s not supported by any Android custom ROM.
Would you please tell me a bit more about the bugs you’re talking about? That’d be really helpful for me :slight_smile:

cant you just change the hadline ? is it locked already ? to edit the initial post is not possible i believe
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First of all, I think Sailfish OS is a wonderful operating system. The issues I was having were not bothering everyone, and not everyone’s device was affected.
There is an echo during the call (for the person talking with you), I couldn’t have VoLTE in my country, and the phone calls were unreliable sometimes (I had to call an ambulance at one point and I needed a swift reaction but my device was acting up. Luckily, I used my wife’s phone instead). That’s when I decided I’d definitely use AOSP on a random device until restructuring happens, and Jolla starts working normally again and fixing bugs.
Bluetooth stops working sometimes (easily fixable with a touch of a button), the fingerprint is unreliable (easily fixable), and some other small annoyances.
Overall, I really like the device (the form factor) and I like SFOS. If I didn’t have an urgent situation where the phone call failed, I would still be using it proudly.
I’ll wait a bit until Jolla ports SFOS on some newer device, and then come back to my safe harbor.


Unfortunately, I can’t change anything. :confused:

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I send you a private message…

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There is no echo if you flash SFOS on top of Android 13.

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