OBS: %{sailfishos_version} constant is misformatted

When using %{sailfishos_version} in a .spec file on OBS, it outputs 40500 for version This should be formatted like 45xxx (x is don’t care)


I believe this is in line with how Fedora and SuSE do it. Also changing it now would break everybody who relies on the current way.


The schema is something like “each dot is replaced by a zero” and the last component is omitted.

SFOS version 10.3 would be 10030x.

I agree it’s not intuitive but it allows for simple integer comparison.


The Suse table is very confusing. But it seems to be consistent for SFOS. I’ve been using it for 3.4 vs. 4.x and < 4.2 comparisons for 2 years.

This is by design. We wanted to be able to compare numerically the versions and had to safeguard for versions like