Number of backup's on SD card

I have set the backup directory to the SD card. This works great for the first backup and the second backup. However, on the third backup, the first one is deleted or disappears somewhere. SFOS does not save more than 2 backups. My SD card still has 173 GB free, why does SFOS decide on the number of backups without asking?
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I assume this is by design, from the days of Jolla 1 when SDcards were only 8GB or 16GB. I too would like to see this recycling removed or maybe with an upper limit of maybe 10, if so desired.

Right now, before making a backup, I always have to remind myself to move the old backups to a folder on the SDcard. Yes, I have been bitten in the past :slight_smile:


And it does it without any warning or notification (you just have to know!).

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Ran into this as well. Even renamed one of the existing backup files in order to find out if the filename has an (or: any) influence - does not. As the time when the backup is taken becomes part of the filename, this should not play any role.
I guess deletion uses FIFO - First In, First Out, so the oldest file is just deleted.

I suspect that the deletion is done according to the FIFO principle (First In, First Out), so that the oldest file is simply deleted.<<
May be that your assumption is correct. I think it is a relic from the times of the IBM PC, where there was only the warning for missing memory.
In terminals should be worked, but a decision to delete is not granted to the user in this case. It’s just embarrassing for the developer.