Now tablets are a thing again.... Is there any interest from the porting community?

A Sailfish OS tablet is urgently needed ! Or better two, one in the 300-350 Euro range and another cheap one.

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I would happily help with a test deployment!

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are any of the above vendors known for releasing the binary blobs in the way sony does with its AOSP builds?


From looking at the available devices in LineageOS (very few Lenovo tablets, despite abundant number of published devices, no Oppo devices) I would conclude that blobs are not accessible. For Jing nothing can be said because it’s their first device.


My trusty (and old, and slow, but adequate for the most part) Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is stuck at, SFOS 3.x, and I would absolutely love to see an officially supported tablet!

I haven’t been following the tablet trend lately, but it looks like the two big names (Samsung and Lenovo) dominate the market. How could we persuade Sony enter the game again? :-/ Their smartphones are great, especially the cameras in them, and I bet the tech would stretch (pun intented) to tablets nicely!


New Motorolla tablet using the SD 680 soc:

These guys are usually pretty good at the ‘open’ thing, right?


Besides the Jingpad, there are other Linux tablets coming.

There is the PineTab2, an ARM tablet, an updated version of PineTab1.

No idea how easy it will be to port Linux, and especially Sailfish to it.

Then there is the Juno Tablet, a Celeron 5100, which should making porting very easy. It is around 400 Euro, which makes it not for everyone.

There is already an x86 port available that might work on it:


Lenovo Legion Y700 - snapdragon 845 8" performance tablet looks like it is going to get a global launch:


More info on the pine tab 2:

$209 for Quad A55 Rockchip with 8GB/128G - available in May:


Pinetab 2 can now be pre-ordered. delivery mid-May.


My Pinetab 2 arrived yesterday :slight_smile:


Hisense A9 E-Ink would be rootable now :slight_smile:


Does anyone know this device:

As ASOP works, would SFOS also work on this device?

You would need to port it yourself, where should SailfishOS magically receive the drivers from? Actually, FideOS seems to be ChromeOS and not Android, so it might work with “normal” Linux with a custom kernel. Not sure if this would make things harder or worse.

I think the people in this thread that don’t want to make their hands dirty themselves should use the x86-64 port of SailfishOS with some x86-64 tablet that already runs mainline Linux well (eg. XPS13) or they’re gonna dream forever. Pine Tab 2 may be a candidate if there is enough time & effort from the community but I’m sure the specs wouldn’t be good enough for some people in this thread.


I did not realise this to be x86-64 device. I thought as a hackable linux tablet, this might be something that is interesting for someone.

I have no porting skills … And I am not really motivated to do it on my own … The pinetab2 is a device I think of getting it, but it has no modem …

What did you intend to say? You can use to help your English from time to time.
It’s a tablet which iirc is not even developed. The Rockhip CPU is an ARM CPU and while some older Rockchip CPUs now work fairly well with mainline kernels, it tooks years of effort from non-Rockhip employees and voluntaries to get it to this state. Before using the Rockchip’s downstream kernel was the only choice for a working device.
I did my statement about x86-64 because:

  1. Intel and to a lesser extent AMD, too are well supported by mainline kernels.
  2. A (rudimentary) Sailfish port exists that would work on those devices will no or minimal changes compared to ARM devices.
  3. Tablets with much higher specs than the pinetab do exist.
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I did not get your intention to redirect me to a x86-64 tablet, sorry for that.

I was just more curious if the community had been aware of this new tablet at all. I can imagine the effort necessary to port SFOS to a device - don’t want anyone to work for me. If there had not been stated on their wiki that AOSP is available for that tablet, I had not posted it here :slight_smile: . But clearly the fact that AOSP might work, is still not enough for SFSO, I assume.

And yes, it is still in pre-order state. It might even fail as the Youyota tablet …

Pinetab 2 works quite well with Sailfish


Does it suppirt waydroid?