Notifications hiding buttons

Especially in android apps, buttons are often placed near the top of the screen, where notifications appearing.

For example, if I open fdroid it shows me 10 notifications for updates. One after another… This takes apprx 30 seconds. Those notifications are preventing me from clicking the update button.

Is there some way of temporary moving/blocking notifications? The worst thing is, if you accidentally click on the notification of another app…


I’ve just disabled F-droid from showing any notifications because of that.

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This patch moves the notification below the status bar, but it won’t do it when an app is in the foreground, so it won’t solve OP’s problem (at least not without further modifications).

Swiping a notufication to the left to prevent further notifications on the same topic/from the same app for a minute comes to my mind. And making notifications clickable only after half a second or something

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I played a bit around in /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/notifications/NotificationPreview.qml and figured out that

 if(contentX < 0)

checks if the notification was swiped to the left.
Now I am looking for a way to block notifications for a few seconds. Anyone got an idea how to do that?

the ultimate plan is: if a notification is swiped to the left, a short “notifications are blocked for x secs” is shown and further notifications are postponed until after that.