Notification categories are gone in 4.4.0, Requesting full documentation for notification hints

Sailfish OS 4.4 removed most of the Lipstick notification categories (see /usr/share/lipstick/notificationcategories). As a consequence, sounds in chat notifications no longer worked for Fernschreiber (see With an older device I could guess that the option “x-nemo-feedback” was set to “chat_exists” for the previously existing category “”. Setting that option explicitly brought back the sound on my device, but as you can see in the GitHub issue, it still doesn’t seem to do the job completely.

Therefore to sailors or others who know the details: Is there any complete documentation about the notification configuration options (especially the special x-nemo- ones) including the possible values? Neither Nemo QML Plugins Notifications - Sailfish OS nor come close to actually providing the needed information… :frowning:


Sailfish OS 4.4.0 removed the “” category. [1]

This category used to set the feedback category for NGFD by setting the “x-nemo-feedback” notification hint for notification led and notification sound.
Also it did set the priority to 120 to show it on the lockscreen.

The hints you listed in [2] are still used but previously you could just reuse the notification category to set them.
Now you have to set those by hand if possible, e.g. it is not possible to do it from QML side with the
Nemo QML Plugins Notifications - Sailfish OS plugin.

I’ve forwarded the issue internally, thanks for reporting this.

[1] [commhistory] Use feedback events instead of notification categories. Fixes JB#56404 by inzanity · Pull Request #7 · sailfishos/commhistory-daemon · GitHub

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