Note application with copy and paste

Is there a note application that also has copy and paste capabilities included. I have tried Notes and Foil notes which do not have copy and paste included

I guess you could use Editor. as a note app.

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Huh? Copying and pasting doesn’t need the apps to do something special. That’s handled by the OS, and works just fine in notes.

Thanks @eson, but I’m wandering why app needs so much access permissions. For example microphone, can I talk and editor change it to text.

Thanks @attah , What a fool I was.

Please try to keep to one question per topic. This has been asked many many times before and has a good answer (in those threads).

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why app needs so much access permissions

Because app developer didn’t implement Sailjail yet.

can I talk and editor change it to text.

No, not with Editor, you’ll need Speech Note for that.

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I,m very sorry. I try to be carefully.

Thank you for the explanation and link to Speech Note.

I use Jolla “notes” and copy and paste to it very often.

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OS is still sorely missing Cut function, though.

It’s allergically clumsy to move a block of text in Notes.

Cut could fairly easily fit as a scissors icon next to copy/paste, or an additional entry next to current Clear context menu entry.

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Nah. Just hit backspace after selecting.

The button/icon you refer to is only paste. Copy is automatic.


FoilNotes allows to copy the entire note to clipboard without opening it: