Note app || adjust font size on splash screen

Hello all,
It is very fine to view the first note on the splash screen for note app. However, the font size is too big to view it entirely.
Is it possible to integrate an option to modify/adjust this size and eventually choose the note to display on the screen ?
Thanks a lot !

This is the only solution for now

Another alternative is Foil Notes app which is using smaller font for the cover. It’s available from both OpenRepos and Jolla Store. Jolla Notes app isn’t getting much attention last several years, unfortunately.

But even with Jolla Notes you can choose which note to display on the cover by opening it in the main UI.

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Thanks atlochowski, but it seems to be not available for SOS 3.4…

Thanks slava !
I’m already testing Foil Notes and it works fine !
Thanks again !

Could also modify NotesCover.qml…

Find “font.pixelSize” under the code for ‘Label’, and change to say, “font.pixelSize: Theme.fontSizeSmall”. Then find “width” just under that and change it to say, “width: parent.width”. Then find “line height” a little further down and change it to say, “lineHeight: Math.floor(Theme.fontSizeMedium * 1.35)”

The one that’s shown on the cover is the first one. If you want to change it to a different one, long-press the one you want, and choose ‘move to top’…

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Perfect, it’s work fine!! Thanks Levone1 !! :wink:
It’s a little difficult for a noob but it’s great !