Norwegian banking apps and Vipps

Hi. I’m considering buying Sailfish OS.

I have a question to any Norwegian ppl.

Can I use the one time password app from Sparebank1?(Bank ID) And the banking app Vipps?

And is it safe to get them from Aptoide? or any of the other app stores.

Hey and welcome, hope I can help you at least a little bit! Sadly, I couldn’t find any information on Vipps, but there there was a mention about the Norwegian Bank ID.

Using Aptoide is not advised due to safety hazards.

Instead, I recommend using Aurora store, although Google is trying to restrict its use and therefore anonymous sessions are having problems right now.

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To use Aurora store, just open the google play web page with Firefox. Then press the three dots on top right of Firefox and chose “open in app”. Then chose Aurora. And voila, you can install the app with Aurora.


Hei og hopp :slight_smile:

BankID works nicely, I have not tried Vipps.
As the others have said; Aurora store / F-Droid is the best way to get Android programs.

Hilsen meg.