No WIFI&Cellular after update to 4.5/ after some time XA2 Plus

I’ve seen many similiar posts. Created new one as mine seem to be a bit different.

Have XA2 Plus. After flashing to 4.5 had problems with high battery drain. Decided to go back to 4.4 and then update to 4.5. So i did. Couldn’t check if battery drainage was abnormal. Why? Because wifi and telephony functions wasn’t available. I don’t mean not working, but really not available. Decided to freshly flash with Image. To my big suprise battery drain was normal. Wifi and gsm were working as intended.

It work for few weeks till I needed a hotspot. It was working correctly. Stopped using it and everything with wifi and gsm was normal. Till next reboot. Problem appeared again, no wifi or cellular is available no more.

Did somebody had similar problems? How can I troubleshoot this? I have device fully configured and really mind flashing it again as this may solve problems only for a while.

Bumping it up, nobody?

Can add that between few flashes as I was trying different and older versions of SFOS to find one, that doesnt drain battery, I flashed device back to android 2 times. It was working correctly, no issues with battery nor wifi&gsm