No usb network connection in xperia 10 III

i am trying to set up the ssh connection from my computer to my new xperia 10 III via usb. for this i have enabled the developer tools, allowed remote ssh access, set a password and set an ip address for the usb-network.

whenever i connect the 10 III to my computer i’m asked to choose between developer, mtp or charging, i choose developer and get no network connection whatsover to my computer. the same settings work flawlessly with my xperia xa2 ultra: on connection of the usb-cable a network connection is set up and i can use this to ssh into the phone.

the connection of the xperia 10 III shows up in the logs as a new usb devices with added remarks about being storage, no mentioning of networks. the ultra is immediately recognized as network and a working interface is set up (enp0s19f2u1u2). i can’t configure anything by hand with the connection of the xperia 10 III, since there is no network device to work on.

so my questions are:

  • what am i missing? could someone perhaps push me towards a solution of this annoying problem?
  • is it even supposed to work, connecting via usb to a computer and networking into the phone from there?

ssh per se is working since i managed to login via wlan. but i really would like to do it the usb-way …

any reply is welcome, thank’s a lot in advance

The same set-up works flawlessly on my X 10 III, except that I use the default IP (

i can’t use the default because it collides with my network.

i just found out, that if my xperia ultra is locked and i connect it to my computer it only shows as a usb-connection in my computer’s logs. as soon as i unlock it the networking setup starts and NetworkManager does its thing until the connection is there.

my X 10 III is unlocked but behaves like my locked ultra. might be some problems with limited permissions on the X 10 III ??