No ringtone for some calls and no missed call notification



Since the release of Sailfish on Xperia 10 III, I notice that many messages arrive on my voicemail while I have no ringtone or missed call notification. On many calls, when I pick up the phone I hear an error tone and the call ends immediately.


Provider: Sosh (Orange)


  1. Incoming call

This is the second bug that makes my phone unusable, I can’t imagine staying with my Xperia 10 III under Sailfish if it keeps making me miss important calls

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I’m not so sure it is (only) Sailfish at fault here. Many operators are decommissioning networks that handle voice natively left right and center in favor of VoLTE only. Fallback problems could have a multitude of causes.

It sounds more like the calls aren’t coming through at all (as opposed to being mute and leaving no trace).
If you haven’t enabled VoLTE (“4G calling”) in settings, do so. If you have enabled it, check if the phone thinks it is working and disable it to see if that helps (not as a solution but as a point of observation and temporary remedy).


Having been on the road in France this summer, I don’t believe VolTE is required. In fact, much of southern France (Garde) was 3G only. This sounds like something else.

But then, what do I know?! Could a French user on Orange please confirm that 4G without VolTE support works fine?

I have not activated VoLTE, I will test with 4G calling. VoLTE is not required in France.
It’s random, I can miss a call, but if the caller try a new call, I can get a ring and pick up the phone.

I have another less critical bug that may be related, the SMS received are duplicated.