No gps no way to import contacts and headphone jack not working

hi everyone ive just install 4.4 on the new sony experia 10 great phone and nearly perfect for my needs away from the big tech just a few problems that i have come into if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great

1 I have exported my contacts from both android and ios tried to import in the people app and i just get an error is their anyway to fix this plus when i add a person manually i cant add photo either to them i get an error.

2 Headphone jack does not work when adding my headphones(audio still comes out of speakers ) all working prior to this .

3 whisper fish crashes after i add my number cant seem to find a way to fix



Have you installed the application Positioning - <your region>?


If I’m not wrong, there is a bug with contacts and photos. Open your vcf file with a text editor and remove the property PHOTO.


There is no sound routed once you plug your headphone in? What happen once your screen is turned off and you plug in your headphone? You screen should wake up. Is it your case?

no didnt know i needed positioning were do i get that from is it on the store

ill try the vcf editing thanks

headphones know work came on with screen off

thank you for your time

headphone is now ok thanks

ive had to add my google account to my phone to get the contacts on their

how much does this compromise my data i only synced contacts can i delete google now or will
the contacts be removed when google account is removed.

Hi @owlsy, you can safely remove Google account from your Xperia. Off course it’s always a good idea to make backups of contacts, sms and call histroy, especially before make important changes.

I also had problems importing contacts using people app. This helped me out:
devel-su -p vcardconverter contacts.vcf
Found on:

IMHO you don’t need to connect your SailfishOS phone to your Google account at all.

thanks for that yes i have removed google account

GPS on my Xperia 10 works great and fast.

I had no issues AFAIK with the PHOTO property when importing all.vcf file.
But on the upgrade sometimes some contact photos still vanishes. In that case I only reimport. Known bug of minor annoyance.

Also no issues with headphone jack. Other then low volume on all sound outputs including BT. I use workaround in CLI to boost volume on current output which almost always work.