No data, stuck on 2G, Sailfish OS 4.4, Xperia XA2, Telcom: KPN

After the last SailfishOS update I noticed I had no cellular data in apps and the indicator shows 2G.
I’ve tried the following:

  • phone reboot
  • switching between preferred bands, (4G, 3G, 2G)
  • reseat SIM card
  • successfully tested SIM card in an Android phone

While the screen shows ‘Internet enabled’ I cannot browse in the SailfishOS browser or Firefox, I receive the message ‘no internet connection’.
Because the SIM works fine in an Android phone my conclusion is a a bug in the latest SailfishOS update.

Does anyone know of a fix or workaround?

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I think you might have got wrong with you mobile phone settings and this is no bug report. We should have noticed if there was no mobile connection for the XA2, with 4.4.?.?.

I’m open to suggestions, I have seen similar threads of other people with other sailfishos xperia phones with this but no clear picture of what could cause this.


On the weekend I was briefly in a ‘practically’ no network zone. Dropped to 2G. Next day, on the train, I noticed that it wasn’t dynamically switching. Reboot. 4G. Just an anecdote, but since I’m on community port (that was the volla port running on a stock GS290) might point to the issue being software indeed. Probably just stating the obvious.

One question, is the XA2 a single SIM phone?

Mine is, dialing *#06# shows one EMEI.

Unless anyone else has a suggestion I’ll try a backup and wipe, I’ve wanted to encrypt the phone anyway.

Did you check any similar threads?

I have, they have me worried, vague workarounds but no apparent fix.

Speaking of vague, just now I looked and it is showing 4G again and I can visit webpages, no further action taken.

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I’m on KPN as well, and I had similar issues in the past. You might want to check your APN name. It should be: internet