No copy and paste feature for images in Notes app

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BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): os4
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): xa2
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No copy and paste function for images in notes



  1. can’t copy an image
  2. can’t paste an image




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This is not a bug. It’s a lack of feature you want.
In my opinion you should place this in Feature Requests


And how would you even store images in plaintext?


I guess the real feature request is switching to markdown or somesuch as a storage format. A presentation layer application could then use file:/// urls from markdown for images.

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pbmtoascii <-> asciitopbm or even asciilib movies of your journal entries!

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? Sorry not a techie; just a phone user

It is your expectation of doing this with the notes app that makes this request go from reasonable to… quite strange.
Notes are stored in plaintext (and inside a database, but never mind that), basically not a formal file format. I can’t readily imagine a good storage format that would allow for your use case, and the simplicity of plaintext is quite nice (for sharing/sending it).

So ignoring the specific app for a minute; copying and pasting of images could be pretty neat, but receiving apps would of course need to do some work to handle it. However, it is also not quite as useful as on a desktop - here you have ready access to last added images, and the sharing functions.

But that e.g. Android has this is news to me, because at least everyone i know seems to be posting screenshots as if they didn’t even have “save image as”. What does it “usually” work with?

Also, please decide on one thread to post about the same thing in. Maybe even ask for a merge.

I have an iPhone. Copies and pasted images to its notes app every day. Never even considered this to be a problem. I hold my finger on any image and it gives me the option to insert it into a message, a note pretty much anywhere.
Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m asking the wrong questions and asking for the impossible. I’ll just keep using my iPhone until I can work this out.
Cheers for your help