No Autofocus on Xperia 10 III

Yes, I’m talking about Advanced Camera. I rarely use the Camera app and considered deleting it.

you can recreate the O movement problem INDEFINITELY, on jolla-camera yes? where the camera NEVER takes the picture, for as long as you move the phone, and not just a second or two?

Yes. And I remember it being like this on my XA2. But that was 2-3 years ago. Maybe it got patched? Like I say I never noticed a significant problem with it and took thousands of photos.

if so…then i don’t undestand how you can take a picture of running water, because the problem is the same (edge detection never completes, or something).

You can’t take a photo on macro (Adv Cam) at minimum distance of water running in a 1cm stream from a tap? That was so easy, I set up the shower head spraying upwards.

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jolla-camera is the name of the default Camera app in SFOS. when i say ‘jolla-camera’ i am referring to this specific application, not any camera app running on native sailfish.

on advanced camera, of course i can take a picture of whatever i want on macro, or on manual focus.
try taking the same picture in jolla-camera, or on advanced-camera but ONLY in auto-focus mode, and see if it works.

it wasn’t like that on XA2 for me, or XZ2c or Xc or X or on my 10II, ONLY on 10III.
i have my XA2 out right now and just checked. no matter what i do, jolla-camera takes a picture when i press the button, within two seconds at most.

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There are still people who use their XA2 on here. If you see any ask them if they have the same behaviour.

As I implied, maybe Jolla hacked a fix for the XA2 but not the 10 iii. Do you have any other 10iii problems? I had a couple on my XA2 that were seemingly due to a corrupt installation. My only other 10iii problems are the seriously buggy fingerprint sensor and the Wifi rarely working unless it’s active before starting Android Support (I think there’s a fix for this).

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the only other 10III specific issue is the camera lens ordinal issue, which jolla worked around by simply turning off the telefoto lens and the wide-angle lens. removing the workaround and using opencamera on camera2 fixes this issue better.

aside from these two camera issues, i have no issues on 10III that are not also present on 10II

I have not followed the discussion, but my problem is hardware. And it is not a broken camera.

The reason autofocus on my 10 III stopped working is that there is dust or residue on the lense cover.

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Then you should take it back to where you bought it and have it repaired. The 10 III is supposed to be watertight. If dust is able to get in, so is water, hence the product did not meet specifications. Dust gathering is not something that happens overnight, so even if they try to claim certain warranty period you can counter that it must have been broken for a long time.

Maybe I should try. I have never dropped it and I have a good plastic case for it. However, it was bought “new” on eBay because I could not find a good price anywhere else. Problem for me, I think is that warranty tends to be broken after unlocking the bootloader. But I am unsure if that also applies to hardware problems.

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No, the only ‘risk’ is that it is rumoured (if you have an official source please link!) that they may charge you extra for the ‘service’ of putting back android and relocking the bootloader. If you do that yourself before sending it in it’s fine. When I had to send it in I just reflashed android and relocked the bootloader and didn’t have any issue.

In a sane reality it shouldn’t matter what software is running on your phone if the hardware water seal is broken.


I just found something new. Nephros’ patch to enable the other 2 ‘cameras’ enables a new selection process in the native camera app, Advanced Camera and Open Camera.

You get to choose betweem the ultrawide (0.6x zoomed out) and telephoto (2.0x zoom) lenses. Unfortunately, these are both 8MP rather than 16MP lenses but the telephoto might be useful anyway.

If you select the 0.6 ultrawide option in the native Camera app, the wiggle problem disappears (and you get blurry photos).
In Advanced Camera, the problem disappears with both the ultrawide and telephoto options. This may equate to setting Manual.

[If you press the new lens button in Open Camera about 3x, the app crashes. The patch breaks the menu in Snap Camera.]