No audio on car handsfree

REPRODUCIBILITY: Almost every time phone is connected to car
HARDWARE: Xperia 10iii


No audio when connected to car hansfree. The car handsfree kit can be used to initiate an out going call, answer an incoming call and terminate a call but there is no audio.



  1. Connect phone, which usually happens automatically
  2. Initiate or answer a call


Send and receive audio via car radio


No audio on car radio


Micro G.


Try to connect the phone, then reboot the bluetooth in the utilities menu and try again

I have the opposite problem, where handsfree it’s working but not music, anda that solves it…

Done that more than once. Quite often the phone doesn’t connect until I do a Bluetooth restart from the Utilities option.

Unpairing and repairing might fix the problem for a while but the problem eventually returns.

As far as I’m concerned having to re-pair on a regular basis isn’t a satisfactory option.

there’s this problem with bt. Try to switch the car kit into music first, and after connecting the phone, try to play something, once working only then try to make a call, it should work.

Sorry, slightly off-topic here but I have seen a lot of posts concerning Bluetooth issues. Has this been a long time thing?

I would say, every car has it’s kit, and jolla can’t test everything as small as they are, unfortunately…

The car kit in question worked perfectly with my XA2.The car kit isn’t the problem.

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I have the same problem for about 3 years, with both the Xperia XA2 and the Xperia 10 II. Both are dual sim and the problem only occurs with car stereos (verified in 4 different brands: Bosch, Pioneer, Alpine, LG). With the Xperia 10 II, I often have to turn off the second sim, turn it back on and restart the phone’s Bluetooth system. The same phones, with the same car stereos, don’t give any problems if they have Android and not Sailfish.

Clearing the BT cache may help.

in my case the address book works, I can initiate a call over the car’s handsfree device by using the voice commands for the handsfree device thus accessing the address book but there is no ring tone and no audio in either direction. I have to switch the phone from the car kit to the phones speaker to be able to communicate.

I disabled the phone connection (not the notifications connection) to my Amazfit watch. There are two Bluetooth connections on the watch. Since then I have been able to connect reliably to the car kit. I still need to do a Bluetooth restart from the Utilities option in Settings to get the phone to connect sometimes (usually after a phone restart or after Flight Mode has been in use), but otherwise it works OK.

I suspect my problem was the audio was being routed to the watch even though the car kit initiated the call.