No Android Support for FX Pro1x

Hi all, I’m a new user to Sailfish. I have install following the FX Community guide. Pro1x with SailfishOS - General Discussion - F(x)tec Community

Port #3179664429 run-build-devel (#3179664429) · Jobs · sailfishos-porters-ci / halium-qx1050-ci · GitLab

I have a Jolla acc and can not get android support install. No apps on the jolla shop for Android support and using terminal manual install fails.

pkcon install aliendalvik
Resolving > Package not found: aliendalvik
Command failed: This tool could not find any available package:
No packages were found

pkcon install feature-alien
This tool could not find any available: No package were found

And help is appreciated.

Most probably you need the free waydroid from chum (see Readme).

I really hope @Jolla will support licensing for AAS for a porter’s device after, say, the porter confirms it is working (like it enables Jolla Store access today). This is not the case for now.

Waydroid is an open alternative that is less integrated with the Sailfish desktop environment but does the job in the meanwhile.


Thanks @vlagged
In the Land of OZ Sony phones (X10 III) you can not get.



I would be happy to paid a licence fee for Android support.



Does any one know where to go from here. I got CHUM and Wayland installed thank you @vlagged, I ran in terminal waydroid-show-ui get XDG Session is not wayland.


Can some one post a video link setting up CHUM app and installing waydroid?

Many Thanks

I dont have pro1x specific instructions, but the pinephone instuctions are similar NewUserTips · sailfish-on-dontbeevil/documentation Wiki · GitHub iirc, you may need to alter some paths because the pro1x uses /de/binder/* files, instead of /dev/ for the binder nodes. There is a vibrant community on the fxtec discord who can help F(x)tec [Unofficial]