No alarm on bluetooth speaker

I’m using the native Clock app’s alarm feature to set alarms.
I have a bluetooth speaker connected to my Xperia X.

When the alarm is triggered at the time set, the alarm tone is hearrd on the device internal speaker only. It does not heard on the bluetooth speaker.
I have tested this by setting the alarm 1 minute in the future, so neither Xperia X nor bluetooth speaker are attempting to sleep.

Using the same bluetooth speaker, I have tested on two other devices, using LineageOS 15.1 and 19.1, and they play the alarm tone over both the bluetooth speaker and internal device speaker.

How can I get the alarm tone to play over the bluetooth speaker in SailfishOS?
If this is not possible, why not?

Dunno if it could help but there’s an Audio Output Chooser beta app in storeman.

I tried the app, but it doesn’t work. I also find it a little unintuitive.

It lists each sink or device (Droid sink primary, Droid sink deep_buffer, Null Output, and my Bluetooth Speaker). Within each device is the exact same list of repeated options:

  • Output to earpiece
  • Output to speaker
  • Output to wired headset

Selecting one of these output options within any of the sinks, sets it to that output option for all of the sinks. Perhaps that is what it is supposed to do, but then if so, it is redundant to show the same list of repeated options for each sink.

Anyway, by default it was set to Output to speaker. I assumed this to be the Xperia internal speaker, because this is where the audio (for the alarm) is only being produced.
I selected what I thought was the closest option for the external Bluetooth speaker (and the only Bluetooth-related option), Output to bluetooth sco.
When I tested the alarm, it no longer produced audio on the Xperia internal speaker, but also did not produce audio on the Bluetooth speaker either.
I tested each output option exhaustively (Output to earpiece sure enough, only outputs the alarm audio to the Xperia earpiece), but none of the options worked.