Nightmare anytime the phone is restarted

Anytime that I do a restart of the phone x10II with 4.3, is kind of a lottery if it will start properly or not. This lat time has been a real nightmare to try to start it again with the set up that I had.

I am using 2 sim cards, so when I have tried to restart the phone, suddenly one of them was not catch from the searching network, that for the moment I havent succed yet. Because it was not finding the network, I have been rebooting the phone again and again and again for now 1 hour, and sometimes the phone was just stuck in the enter password in the starts , and some other was not possible to find the network of one of the sim cards.
Is this kind of things happening to anyone here in the forum? Or I am just the only one?
When things like this happening in the device it cames to my head why Jolla is not focusing just in one phone model and make it running smooth , because I believe that this software can run muuuch smoother than what is does, but I can see that is so much effort in doing a great compatibility with Android that they forget about the main thing that is their own software.

Just to be sure, you should do some tests. First, enable and disable airplane mode in a 30sec interval. That at least resets the moden to make and establish a connection. Next, download the official Sailfish Utilities from the Jolla Store, then to go the new Utilities pane in Settings, and reset your network. Finally, try using the CSD tool by going to “About product” and tapping the enpty space left of the “Build” identifier exactly 5 times. SIM cards can be tested under the Components in “All tests” within the CSD tool.

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thanks so much for your answer @WedgeStratos . I have had install Utilities and I have been trying to use it, thousands of time. Still doesnt work, after more hours counting now. I have try with another device, in this case a xperia x , where the network works perfectly. So mostly, the problem is when using dual sim. Thanks for íntroducing me to CSD, but this tool is not really helpful, because it says that all is good in the sims, when is just recognizzing one of them while the second sim is still searching for.

Are the SIM cards of the same “age”, “class” and provider? What ever “class” means, I had to change the Sim card some time ago (in an other case not related to the phone) because the “modem” was not compatible with the Sim card or vice versa …

But it has been working until today for a week. And now the phone not even share the internet with other devices. Oh man, is insane.

Are there more hidden functions that can be useful for troubleshooting?

Are you having same kind of problems?

I have no problems , I asked only out of curiosity .

Not related to this, but I know I’ve had improvements with video playback in the web browser using certain settings in the about:config page. Still have a tendency for videos to not load due to ad integration so NewPipe in Alien Dalvik is still good to have.

I’ve had this quite a lot. I never quite got round to reporting it, and then I got the latest version, 4.3, and it hasn’t yet happened since. I was waiting for it to happen again to report.

Basically, on a restart about 30-50% of the time, after putting in a correct pin at the boot pin entry, it hangs indefinitely - spinning circle, no message. Eventually, if I force shut down, it takes some time to shutdown - the red light can take a minute, or so, to go away.

On restart, as far as I can remember, it always starts up cleanly.

One possible pattern I noticed in the run up to the new version is that, at the pin entry screen, if the screen is bright, it tends to work. If the screen is dimmed/dimmer, then that’s when the issue appears. Might not be 100% as I can’t recall from earlier instances, so may be a red herring. However the screen has, so far, always been bright since the upgrade.

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Have just had this again, with the latest version. The screen had turned off at the PIN entry stage. I turned it back on and it came on bright. I entered the PIN and it hung with the spinner on. After forcing a shutdown, I started it again and it came up no problems.