Nextcloud previews don't show

Hello PPL,
I am using a Xperia 10 III as daily driver. Gallery app lacks some functions, but that’s ok.
But: I am wondering why previews from Pictures on a Nextcloud are not loading. Is it even possible?

On my device, thumbnails are cached once you view the picture, but not when initially loading the list.
After viewing a picture, a TB will be shown for that one, but not for the others.

Which, IMO, is a good thing because of performance optimization and bandwidth and is probably as-designed.


Yes, that’s the behaviour of my gallery. Years ago I used a Blackberry Z30 and pictures in cloudservices were shown as preview in the filesystem. That was great. It works on SFOS with OneDrive, but photo selection isn’t handled right.
I woul love that feature in Gallery, so that I can keep memory low on my phone (delete photos) because Nextcloud shows previews online.

I archive this with mounted NAS via rclone (WEBDAV) and ImgOrganizer.

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Soo, ifff the sync plugin was Open Source (the gallery part AFAIK briefly was!) someone could hack retrieving server-generated thumbs in.