Nextcloud Integration: support more than one Images path

The native NC integration can show images from remote cloud storage, and supports specifying the path to look for images in the Settings.


Nextcloud however can have more than one location where images are stored, e.g. through group folders, or when images are stored not only in the default /Photos path but elsewhere under /Files.

Request: support more than one of those paths, so users can add such locations.


  • Adding such a path should be possible in the Account Settings of a given NC account
  • Additional paths should show up in Gallery under the same location the first/default path shows up as, possibly displayed as a “sub-album” ( “More Albums…”)
  • AFAICS adding such a new path needs “just” another sync profile for Buteo, and a second/third/… “nextcloud-iimages” service.

While I have not tried that, it’s likely that adding another NC account on the same server, but specifying the additional path instead of the default /Photos location can serve as a workaround.