Nextcloud improvements

The implementation of Nextcloud is a good thing, but I’d like to see some improvement and additions:

Native Support for Phonetrack:
It’s good for privacy that Sailfish OS has no location tracking to the Jolla servers, but the use of private services like Nextcloud would be useful for the location of list phones, looking for the children and so on. There’s already an app, but without background services and auto-start that’s no final solution…

Not just Nextcloud related, but a missing thing for years now.

Support for Talk:
Implementation of Nextcloud Talk in Messages App. There’s an alpha State version of this as well which just supports Text Chat so far, but it’s a start…

Password and bookmark sync:
Enable syncing passwords und bookmarks between phone and the matching Nextcloud apps.


I would like to have an “upload only” option for the image sync. Currently, I have to continue to use Ghostcloud and it breaks the sharing menu.


Proper support for NC URLs using subdomains (i.e. instead of

It can be made to work right now, but it’s not obvious and should be improved.
The majority of self-hosted NC instances will likely use a location instead of a subdomain.

Configurable remote locations for anything uploaded (Pictures, Backups).

Currently there are hard-coded defaults, putting everything in the root of the file storage.

Proper user-visible sync error handling

Currently the user is not notified at all if any of the NC sync functions do not work


It is nice that Nextcloud is supported, but the state of the support is unfortunately very dysmal ATM.

  • No way to edit the accound settings
  • If you leave out the trailing / on the server address it doesn’t work
  • My Backup doesn’t work and the log tells me nothing. (Last message line : “[UI] Sync error: , details:<U+0091>”) Scandinavian chars somewhere?
  • Pictures backed up only at request, not automatically
  • Notes not backed up
  • No way to specify where on your Nextcloud the stuff goes
    I would like some documentation on it and some decent error reporting.

Any way I can help please tell me but we need to get the Nexcloud part together now!


One more I originally created on TJC:

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I’d also like to suggest some improvements to the notification system. Right now, calendar reminders show up both in the Nextcloud section and the Calendar section. It would be nice if they didn’t show up in the Nextcloud section. (On a technical side: The JSON of Nextcloud notifications contain the app that produced them, would filtering out notifications from the app “dav” work or does that filter out informations which could be of importance?)

Also a thing that annoys the: the icons which are too small for their displayed size (referring to the black calendar icon). And in the case of monochrome icons, it would be nice if they were coloured according to the current ambiance, e.g. the calendar icon should be white in a dark ambiance.

+1. This is my biggest annoyance with Sailfish OS besides the browser and Qt version.

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Well, 3.4 brought some improvements, it’s not perfect but some of the points made above have been addressed.

One thing that bothers me though:

The UI of the Gallery View of very un-sailfish like. It’s nice that it shows folders instead of the endless picture stream the other gallery views do, but still it’s a rather ugly list with default icon placeholders and large button-like appearance, and do apparently not use theme colours.
This should definitely be Silica-ized.

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