NextCloud calender entries vanish when no network is available

HARDWARE: Gemini PDA, Jolla Tablet (and FP2)
REGRESSION: n/a (but also on earlier version as i remember)


I have two NextCloud accounts on my devices and configured them to sync several calendars once per hour.
When the devices are online (WLan or mobile data) the entries are synced as expected both ways phone <-> NextCloud.
If i leave home for a while and mobile data is off (and no WLan in range) the entries (multiple calendars) of the second NextCloud account vanish.
The entries of the first account (have also multiple calendars) stay on the phone.


Two NextCloud accounts on different server.
Some additional calendar on both accounts.
A lot (e.g. twenty or more) of different calendar entries on both accounts per month .


  1. Create entries as described above (may be origin of the entries should be the NextCloud?).
  2. Set automatic sync settings on the phone (e.g. to one hour, both ways, …) …
  3. Wait until calendar entries are synced on phone and on NextCloud.
  4. Turn of WLan and mobile data.


Calendar entries should stay on phone.


All calendar entries of the second NextCloud account vanish.


Not dependencies to the installed apps or phone configuration are known.


n/a May be on the sync iteration of the second account the ‘network not available’ is not handled correct.
If somebody can give me a hint how to debug the sync i can give more information about the problem :-).

Many thanks

This page : CalDAV and CardDAV Community Contributions | Sailfish OS Documentation gives the information you are looking for. Good luck with the debugging, however :).

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Same Problem when NextCoud host is down for a while :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.
The CalDav on my Linux did not have this behaviour.
Also the CardDav on the Linux and phone did not lose Information about the contacts generated on the NextCloud …

I’ve no idea why the entries vanished. I could mean two things:

  • either the account becomes disabled for some reason,
  • or the notebook is believed to be remotely removed and it is clean up forom the device also.

This could be clear with logs, as indicated by @JulienBlanc . If you provide them, I can give a look to the issue, because without and since I cannot reproduce, it’s a bit hard to guess what’s going on.