Nextcloud: Add new calendar Sync?

What about creating a new calendar in Nextcloud: Is there a way to sync it without removing the account and recreating it?

  • connect to your nextcloud account
  • (calendars are synced and selectable in calendar)
  • nextcloud: create another calendar
  • SFOS: sync nextcloud calendars


the new calendar is listed in calendar app and selectable


the new calendar is not shown

(of course: delete a calendar should also be mentioned in sync)

On the phone, open the NC account settings, scroll to bottom, tap “update calendars”.

Your new calendar should show up. Check it to add to sync.

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Discovery of new calendars should be automatically done during sync. Can you provide a sync log where you have a new calendar on server, but this calendar does not appear on device ?

Works. But that is new, right?
Thank you.