Next port to buy

Yes! real usage info would be useful for me/us. Starting a port with a kernel or another would be a very early decision to make.

I have 8: The manufacturer is company I would like to support

And could expand this to be like 0 (Xiaomi), 0.5 (Google), 1(Sony) and give Fairphone an edge at 1.5 points. This would not give the same weight as one Fairphone supporter would consider, but it at least shows a different value.

I’m going to now play with inserting a table for the more recent posts that I can still edit, but first a new data point:

Pixel 6 and 7

Both have large enough cameras (1: 1pt), OLED screens with some tap to wake (2: 1pt), no jack, under display fingerprint reader (unknown if it can be adapted), no IR, largish battery (6: 1pt), probably real proximity sensor (7: 1pt), a company I am not sure if I want to support (8: 0.5pt), possibly popular model (9: 1pt) and notch is centered (10: 0.5 pt because centered is still better than left:).

This gives these pixels a 6pt score.

Criteria Pixel 6/7
1. Camera at least 1/1.7" 1pt
2. OLED screen with double tap to wake. 1pt
3. Headphone jack -
4. Fingerprint reader - side-mounted sensor 0pt
5. Infrared port. -
6. Largish battery - 4000+ mAh 1pt
7. Real proximity sensor (not virtual) 1pt
8. Manufacturer is company I would like to support 0.5pt
9. Model is popular enough so it helps Sailfish 1pt
10. Screen not notched / centered notch for 0.5 0.5pt

The differences between the two are probably just down to chipset/size and both chipsets are uncharted territory. The 7 is slightly smaller and has a brighter display.


I have a feeling it might be helpful if someone sat on your left shoulder as an angel and whispered “FP5, FP5, FP5, …” in your ear all the time to drown out your inner diabolical “Xiaomi” voice and the equally diabolical “Sony” voices of the others here, right?

I’m happy to take over: “FP5, FP5, FP5, …”

You could also break new ground for yourself (what an adventure!) by trying out the Halium route:

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

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And if you want to go on an even bigger adventure, CalyxOS is apparently as good as done with Android 14, as far as I understand it:

I bought Fairphone 5 and hope that there will be a port to sailfish :-))))

Will that be before or after universal peace on earth and trains arriving in time? :slight_smile:

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After the Russians attacked NATO :rofl:

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Since there is Lineage 20 for Unihertz Titan, Pocket and Slim, maybe for someone would be interesting to have a Blackberry-like device with keyboard and port SailfishOS to it.

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That is a very interesting device, I see contrasting pros and cons to it.

First, it seems this is really untethered unlocking, no need to ask for a code to a remote service (on simple initial scrutinity). Second, it has keyboard, and front facing fingerprint sensor inside, and at least the Slim I looked at has scrolling behaviour on that keyboard too. And last, at least the Slim seems to have infrared port. Great job!

But there are some negatives I see… the build quality and the device thickness would be one, the LCD panel and the lack of brightness another, performance (usually not a problem in SFOS per se) of the Helio chipset (this might be a problem with some codepaths assuming qcom - but again, there are other Mediatek ports so maybe that’s not a worry).

Also, as much as I enjoy hardware keyboards (I had a BB Passport once, so with tactile keys too), there is little info on the cameras - and I don’t count megapixels, I only look at sensor size, and that is not available info. Probably 2020’s 1/2.55" equivalent as they are all over the place (Actually I’m wrong, it’s 1/2" according to techradar there’s a S5KGM1). Back to keyboard, it would have been nice to have a keyboard directly usable in Terminal app… but that’s the curse of mobile devices, not enough symbols on the kayboard:))

Criteria Uniherz Titan Slim
1. Camera at least 1/1.7" -
2. OLED screen with double tap to wake. -
3. Headphone jack -
4. Fingerprint reader - front-mounted sensor 1pt
5. Infrared port. 1pt
6. Largish battery - 4000+ mAh 1pt
7. Real proximity sensor (not virtual ) 1pt
8. Manufacturer is company I would like to support 1pt
9. Model is popular enough so it helps Sailfish -
10. Screen not notched / centered notch for 0.5 1pt

This is the same as Pixel 6/7 but for surprising reasons.
One of the not visible things is that the displays are even smaller than the smallest full touch screen devices so I may stay clear from these… also, IPS.

@Kuba77 do you have a such device, can you comment on build quality, screen, camera vs a known sfos phone for the community?

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No, I don’t have. I just randomly found Unihertz devices and searched if Lineage is available for them.

I just received the Andrdoid 14 update on my 5iv. I ran multiple successive Geekbench runs of both CPU & GPU. I took it out of my case. It was a bit warm to the touch, but it wasn’t anything so warm it would prevent me from using it. The biggest issue, from my understanding was 4k video recording whilst plugged in. I did a test recording while on the charger for about 10 minutes. I didn’t feel it being unreasonably warm still, but it was warmer than just running the benchmarks. Naturally, mileage may vary, but I am not seeing a huge issue with the heat. I don’t have anything installed to track temperature, so this would be an entirely subjective take on it. I hope that helps you regardless.

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@dreimeterfeldweg I enjoyed your reply very much. There are two things that hold me from doing this port, and one is owning the device (solvable) and the other one is time (negotiable).

Also, as you notice, I do not yet have what I call “1st world itches”, but living in a close neighborhood makes me sympathetic to that.

So, my plan is to get the device through a NLnet grant. I have written a draft of the application here - you need a codeberg account to comment and suggest.

I also know from the other thread that mal already has the device, but from experience he is one with the less amount of time…

So, if you can help shape up the NLNet application and it is approved, then I would only need that time negotiation part (and a bit of :crossed_fingers: ) to deliver a port.

LE: application posted


Thanks @twzorek for the detailed testing! As you can see the actual device is not yet set in stone, it depends…

Very nice, I’ll have a look tomorrow!