Next phone with small form factor


Will there be another phone with a small form factor officially supported? The SONY Xperia 10 II is a nice device but too big for me. I find that the XA2 is way too big for my usage, too. It would be nice to have a small phone that I can use with one hand and as an actual telephone and PIM on the go. For real stuff, I have my laptop. :wink:

And an Xperia X is a nice device, but I don’t think that I would be satisfied with its outdated AD-support.


Starting to feel like a broken record at this time. (This thread might be a duplicate)

That the X is meaningfully smaller than the XA2 is a myth, please don’t feed it.

There are no (relevant) modern(-ish) small phones, so even if Jolla wanted to, they couldn’t do anything about it.

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XZ2 compact is an option if you can live with a community ported device (and if you can find one).

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If they had something like 5-10 million euro they could have one. :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, i think we need to buy a few more licenses…

Even if all the people that know -not just use- what SFOS is bought 10 licenses i doubt we would be able to reach the amount of money needed. :laughing:

Joking apart the current form factors don’t compliment SFOS at all. And luckily apple proved that there is a market for normal sized phones. AFAI understand the mini sold numbers that would make other MFGs happy -even if those numbers are low compared to apple numbers.

If jolla could collaborate on a phone with a big MFG (preferably Sony) to produce a small phone (12 mini size) and the phone was available with android also -so it makes sense for the MFG- it would be great. But it has to be a collaboration from the start. Not just slap SFOS on an existing phone.

Great device. Best form factor since ages. Community port is great! I wish the XZ2C would get an official port by Jolla.

Its too old and not easily available to get any official support.

I know. I made that request some years ago. It is still my favorite form factor. If I want to I am able to use Android APKs. All the best and a big thank you to the Tama-Porter crew!

Oh, man, and it would be a normal SFOS, not just HAL layer over android…
I’m daydreaming, though :frowning: