[News]: 'Sugar coated cone' - The PinePhone Pro

Interesting news:
Today Pine64 has announced an upgraded version of the PinePhone.

  • 1,5 GHz Hexacore
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128 GB internal storage
  • 13 MP front camera

Looks like they put some performance sugar coating on that pine cone :yum:

What’s the state of the SFOS port, by the way?


hmm, as far as I know, SailfishOS works quite well on PinePhone. Some say, even smoother as, say, Manjaro Linux wiht KDE plasma mobile. But, like in all community ports, Adroid support is missing, which may be quite a selling pont for many.
On the other hand, Pinephone has it’s own advantage: It is a Linux Computer in a moile phone package. (But with sailfishOS on it, you’ll get just a smartphone).


399$ it is quite a price for no mainstream phone. The previous version was 149$…quite a jump.

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SFOS on pinephone is much smoother than kde plasma, everything scales and you can use all aarch64 apps. Waydroid is already working and should be available soon, so that’s full android support. The big deal-breakers at the moment are Calls and Camera. Calls are intermittent but Jan Jasper de Kroon is working on Ofono. The camera doesn’t work at all but Megapixels may be possible. Adam Pigg deserves a lot of credit for this port, which is neglected in the PP community because sfos is not pure 100% FOSS.


True, it’s expensive. Personally I’d say it deserves it’s price as it is a serious effort, looking at the market.
Maybe the price will drop a bit for the final, non-dev version mentioned. It will be interesting to see content of the final package delivered, too.

true, but the original pinephone is still available. So, there’s a choice.

Waydroid runs on PinePhone, making up for the missing official Android support.

if Waydroid does what it promises, a repairable phone with up to date specs, easy to flash with many OSes sees a fair offer to me.


Only if it didn’t have such monstrous dimensions…


agreed, but the pinephone pro is a mobile phone powered by a notbook processor… maybe they need that space. I’d prefer something smaller too.


What about the battery / standby? I bought a PinePhone Community Edition about a year ago and rather quickly discarded any plans to use it as daily driver. Every os release had to put the phone to sleep so aggressively (without any connections whatsoever) just to last for 1 day that you wouldn’t get notifications in time, not even to speak of connecting bluetooth devices like smartwatches.
Is it the same with SFOS? Or did they made improvements in this regards in the last months?

On the other hand, Pinephone has it’s own advantage:

The OSes are FOSS!

Waydroid seems to work quite ok, I just installed whatsapp via aurora store. Neither KDE plasma mobile, nor Waydroid are as developed as Sailfish and Alien are. Waydroid can sync only via exchange. Maybe I can install davX5? Things seem to get developed intensely, and battery life us much better: 2 days (with almost no use). A decent address book and a good calendar are both missing yet for my user’s habits. The Idea of using a mainline linux system is attractive.