New York Times in browser

I have never been able to load in the browser: It shows the page for a very brief moment and then freezes with a blank page. Is anybody able to read NYT in the browser?
PS: I am on

Nope, it doesn’t load for me either. As you say, you get something initially then it blanks out and freezes.

Isn’t it the cookie agreement that cannot load and allow the consultation of the site?
If you consult it often, it would perhaps be worth it finding in which Mozilla file is this agreement written and try to write it artificially?
Well… for those who like to fiddle.
For the other normal people, a fully working browser would be better. :wink:

I am one of the “other normal people”, I guess :wink:
Hope that one of the browser developers is reading here.

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This appears to have been fixed with the updated browser in 4.4. :+1: