New Version from Sailfish OS

Hi, I haven’t been here for a long time, so I’m not that informed anymore. Will there be a new version of Sailfish OS? Why has nothing happened for almost a year? Also, is there any information about a new phone? Thank You

Yes there will be an update for Sailfish OS :slight_smile: Version 4.6.0, translation round has already started so the update is about to get ready. Jolla also informed that there might be support for the Xperia 10 IV and/or V.
Check out the latest news here: Community News - Sailfish OS Forum


In this year Jolla get rid of Russian property, now is Jolla “reborn”. Anyway as Molan said, 4.6 is coming and Xperia IV and V (they are almost identical hw wise) might be supported :wink:

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Nothing happened? The last update was released literally four days ago.


Well, you cant really call that an update


yea, that release is, in fact, Nothing. it updates nothing at all, and is purely about removing all existing releases with the old copyright so they can say ‘no russia here, folks’.

…which is an important, proper, and commendable thing to do, and is also the most likely reason nothing ELSE has been going on lately, but you still can’t call it a proper release