New tool: Link2Clip

I have just published a little app on Chum: Link2Clip

This small tool registers itself als a protocol handler for all protocols, and if selected to open e.g. an URL, copies that URL to the clipboard, and shows a little UI with some details about it.

Can be useful for debugging, or just generally to capture URLs used by different applications.

There is no application icon in the Launcher for this, it’s only in the “open link” dialog.

App is here , best installed through Chum GUI .

Source code is here , issues, enhancements, and other contributions welcome as always!

13 Likes is down.

Not really, just the thing that has that hostname. use https://build in the mean time.

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Did a quick test on my X10iii. There must be something wrong:

Also it is called ‘Zwischenablage’ not ‘Zwischanablage’ in German. But what does this selection do?

Ah, I see I have some glitches to work out. Thanks for testing. (EDIT: fixed in master now)

So initially, when you open an URL from somewhere, that URL is 1. put into the clipboard and 2. the app is shown.
You can immediately swipe away the app and proceed to pase you URL somewhere, an email or a message, the browser etc.

The app splits the URL into some components that may be interesting, such as the protocol (scheme) used, server name, and URI string.

Tapping on any of them will copy their contents into the clipboard.

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Thanks, but I was referring to your link…

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Thanks!! It’s very useful :slight_smile:

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