New supported devices with E-Ink display

Would it be possible to port SFOS to devices with an E-Ink display? E.g. a rooted light phone 2 or the coming up Mudita Pure (

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I doubt very much that a port to the Mudita would be possible. That device is specifically designed to be a low power “less-connected” dumb-phone with minimal features, e.g. phone, text, email.

I feel Sailfish will never be suited for e-ink displays, as their refresh rates are typically very low. Redraws would be excruciating. A port suited to e-ink displays would likely require a substantial rework regarding the core concepts and technologies behind Sailfish.

It’s interesting, don’t get me wrong… I just don’t think it’ll ever be viable.


Sure, the refresh rates aren’t the best, but for example my remarkable 2 works pretty fluid and also has some swipe gestures for navigation. I don’t think it requires a a substantial rework for SFOS.

The mudita is more an example for a feature phone, not a standard device. Hisens and some other companies bringing up android phones with eink displays. I doubt they change the conepts and technologies behind android :wink:

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There was a proof of concept Sailfish for feature phones a few years ago, it only made a couple of changes to the interface overall (mostly to remove gestures) and seemed to work well:

As for e-ink, I agree with @sailerx that it works well enough, the technology has improved slowly but steadily over the years and modern e-ink screens use a much more optimised way of refreshing the screen (and just this year, mass market e-ink screens in colour became available, so you could even use Ambiences if you wanted to). Many of the popular e-readers these days run Android, too.
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