New subscription model vs updates; Sailfish Core

Whilst its great to see Jolla pushing full steam ahead!

I am wondering about Sailfish Core / the subscription model.

In the specifics, does subscribing to the subscription (pardon the wordplay) mean we will continuously get updates (á la debian / ubuntu style, for instance)? Will we get them at the moment they are needed, and will the “three months” full release cycles disappear then?
Will the updates be mandatory; i.e. the user wonẗ be able to not accept them?

About the SailfishCore, would you explain a bit more which part of the system it is exactly? Will it be open source-licensed? Is it a fork from SFOS (this is obvious and I assume it not to be the case; but had to be ask for completeness :slight_smile: )?

This thing with one topic per topic isn’t a bad idea you know.

You make it sound like Debian and Ubuntu are rolling releases. We both know they are not.
There is also dist-upgrade, which is closer to what happens now.

Users have root - so surely not.

I honestly don’t understand what you mean with fork in this context. Core implies subset - sort of like various minimal and server images vs desktop.


Okay that seems all great; Im wondering mainly on the timeframe of these updates - I assume there will be smaller updates coming in more often? Like once a month?

Maybe. Maybe not.
Some say so. Others don’t. No one knows.