New Settings Tool: Edge Swipe Control

I have just published a new little app on Chum: Edge Swipe Control

This small tool registers itself as a Settings page, and brings a top menu Button.

You can use the Settings part to configure the “Peekfilter Boundary Width”, i.e. the part of the screen that is handled by the OS as an “Edge Swipe”.

The Button can do the same (long press), but its main purpose is to quickly disable and enable the edge detection completely.

Can be useful for games or other apps where reaching the edge of the screen might trigger an unwanted “send to background” action.

Inspired by the Tips and tricks section on the setting.

Binary packages are available in the SailfishOS Chum repo (best installed through Chum GUI ), and on the Releases page of the source code repo.

Preview/Alpha versions sometimes at chum-testing

Source code, issue tracking etc is here.


Word of Warning: Be really careful with the Lock button, and setting low values with this.

Your device may get locked, and you may not be able to swipe the lock screen away to enter your code…


This is a (one more!) nice tool!
If I’d be able to do it quickly, I’d offer to write some daemon to reset the value by e.g. receiving an SMS containing some special text, for locked-out users. But well…this would take some weeks/month…

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0.9.6 includes a timer which turns the button off again after 2.5 minutes, as a safety guard.

In a future version I’ll either use the sleep prevention or the lock screen timeout value for this.


0.9.7 includes a fix for the UI text not showing when untranslated locales were used, and adds Swedish. Thanks to @eson for both!

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Very nice!!! I increased the border for swipe first.
I have a glass protector and hoizontal swipes are more conftable now!!!
Thank you for tis usefull app.