New - new developer pages?

I just saw the new There are also new features for the development mentioned, like camera, tabs, notifications, and mpris (all stuff I need :grin:). Will there be an update for these features for the developer pages too? Probably with the next SDK?


Like mentioned on the page: “Here are some of the highlights from our roadmap” - those features are not ready yet. The API documentation will definitely be updated when the features arrive.

We are also planning other improvements to the documentation pages, so now would be a good time to come up with any good ideas about how to improve them!

Then please: “on our roadmap” != two subversions before SFOS 5.0.

There is also an audio recorder app mentioned. Is this app already included?

The API docs for Silica at least are being updated currently.

Being a newb still at Silica QML i regularly lookup stuff there, implement it and have it break because I’m not on 4.x yet. :smiley:

Sailfish Silica versioning would really help.


Usability: Please use the # anchors in the page instead of some javascript slide down feature. It looks cool, but makes it very annoying to navigate when you e.g. click on a method or property name it slides down, but when you use back-arrow it goes back to the previous page instead of back to the top of the current page (or to the previous position on the page).

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