New Nokia 8000 4G port - feature phone UI?

I’ve recently started working on a new port for the Nokia 8000 4G: sailfish-on-sparkler · GitHub

I was hoping Sailfish OS would be at least somewhat usable on this device, but it seems that the current version of the UI doesn’t adapt to feature phones at all.

The lockscreen looks quite good, but nothing reacts to the keys, so it’s completely unusable.

This raises the question: What happened to the feature phone UI that was demonstrated in 2018 and advertised on Jolla’s website? Does this prototype still exist somewhere? How many changes to the Sailfish UI code were required to make it work on feature phones?


It would be really nice if SFOS would be on feature phones. As far as I know that was a custom SFOS build that was never abailable to the public but was a technical demonstration that shows how did they imagine a feature phone UI for SFOS.


Beautiful! (even if it is not ready)

Thats sick! What kind of apps do you think are possible on such a device?

at least not the browser…

Similar to those that were possible on Symbian Series 60 / S60 or UIQ 3 devices.

Well, can’t be that much worse than on the original OS