New HMD branded devices

Hi everyone,

HMD has announced that they will develop phones using the HMD brand in parallel to the Nokia brand. According to what the post say, the new HMD phones will be in collaboration “with exciting new partners…”.

Am I too optimistic thinking about a native SFOS device? After all, both Jolla and HMD are Finnish :slight_smile:


This HDM announcement might be, just and only, a way to push Nokia to renew their agreement to continue releasing Nokia devices

“To push Nokia” → sorry what? Nokia has stopped selling phones 10 years ago…
Perhaps you meant to “continue licensing models”?

I just assumed that’s whst @CaMpEoN meant.

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I do think a new big partner on the hardware side indeed, is what Jolla does need right now. Someone with the resources to invest in blazing fast devices, which bring the UX to the level it’s supposed to be.
With the right marketing anything is possible.

Blazing fast devices and exciting hardware is the exact opposite of what HMD is doing though :smiley:
All of their devices look like the cheapest generic Chinese sub 100$ smartphones.

I agree with you though.

I wish me back the original Nokia Lumia-Smartphones but WITH SailfishOS!

Yeah… Buggy or not, I would pay premium for a modern design and specs N9 with sfos.
UI kinda like the N9 or the early Nemo too since this is my biggest gripe with sfos UI.

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jolla needs a vendor that has a minimal and stable release of a single mid-range device, on a yearly cadence, that will reliably continue to use mid-range snapdragon chipsets.

spaff a billion different mid-range brands that have no continuity? no good.
can’t be trusted not to cut costs by moving to a unisoc SoC next time? no good.
don’t have a long term open devices platform and bootloader unlocking? no good.

sony meets this requirment, with a long term stable Xperia 10 range.
if some other vendor meets this bill and is interested in SFOS as a long term partnership, great!
i’m waiting…


I din´t anything about Nokia was gonna release devices…
I just said…to push Nokia to renew their current agreement (Their licensing Models agreement)

I´m afraid that the problem here with Jolla is that their Phone OS business has been shrinking along the years.
I´m afraid the user base has been reduced along these years. And the smaller it is, the less resources you gotta…
It´s hard to become a third party player. Look at Microsoft.
The Russian try was a good idea, but after the ongoing conflict… it looks over… and it´s gonna be hard to overcome that problem.