New functions broken while old bugs persists

Hello sailors,
I write about issues I have come accross during my journey at jolla boat.
I do this because lately I felt that little annoyances and bugs are increasing .
Generally desing of user interface is going further away from what I feel was “unlike”.

I started my Jolla usage with Jolla 1, Picked it up from release event in helsinki 2013 ( number 25 it was if remember correctly )
Then later I bougt 2 more of those. Phones are still working but I use Xperia XA2 device nowadays.At some point I was even thinking to back to Jolla1 as it seemed to better working.
But, the real issue here is :
sailfish X , it just don´t get any better over the years.

Sony xperia xa2 has several old bugs that are not addresses properly. I have experienced all kind of little things for a long time regardless of release version in use.
-flaslight program does not allways work ( need rebooting)

  • voice and microphone dead when answering incoming call( happens often and is very annoying, again need to reboot to fix)

  • tweets disappear from notice area. More correctly, sometimes they just don´t show there,but if you touch empty screen with finger, device may ask to select a program to open link with??? YES really… and it even opens a link from tweet that is not visible …wonder what else this device is doing behind my back :slight_smile: again this needs rebooting to fix.

  • infamous GPS bug. it is really sad that GPS is unusable. Yes it works whenever device gets connection to satellites, that happens rarely and usually you do not have time to wait for that > unusable. Even reboot will not fix this.

  • messaging. I have every now and then e-mail problems. Answering an e-mail message often fails. correction is to write new mail to the sender > that usually succeeds. This kind of workaround is annoying.

  • bluetooth and car info systems usually need some love after every release but otherwise they have been workin for me quite Ok. sound volume level has been a problem though.

  • Lately I have been wondering about this new sharing interface and horrible new screen asking for selecting program to open links etc. That new screen shows multiple program icons for same adroid apps. Recently I tried to share a link to a concert video on youtube to my son from jolla browser to whatsapp.Thats something simple I have previously been able to do, It did not work at all…had to use another browser and launch sharing from it to get it done…
    I feel that these annoyances need to be addressed properly before Jolla rushes into new functionalities bringing new problems. This may be my last jolla device if these basic things are no fixed somewhere near future.
    I am not sure if functions coming from Aurora OS side are really good for Jolla as they seem to have different approach to user interface design and their goals for phone OS is something else than “unlike”
    These are just my thoughts and experiences and I am not even sure I´ve managed to collect all of them here.If this seems familiar to you please share your experiences and thoughts.




i need to add to the list of bad exåeroences following
-camera is not that good and specially video recording often buggy.

  • android software communication problems
  • Some anomalies with charging, Phone won´t start even battery is on 100%. only after you plug the charger device boots ??? happened several time so can not be sudden anomaly. logic behind this is just not known.

While the issues you describe are annoying for sure, I strongly believe they are specific to some device or configuration. At least I (and many others, I suppose) cannot reproduce any of them.
Since the mobile network bug of my Xperia 10 ii has been solved with the latest update, the phone is very well usable. It’s simply not true that new functions are systematically broken, or that an update has not been tested (as was claimed in another thread).
Not everything is perfect in SFOS, but most of the problems described here are individual issues, not general bugs.


Hello, Yes everything is possible. I also want to believe that good things happen and have been waiting for fixes for long time. Since most of of those issues are not new and many similar problems were present already with Jolla1 I just have to assume these anomalies have longer history. Like I pointed this is only my opinion, feel free to think different. Updates are not systematically broken, devices mostly work. Functionality is just too unpredictable “working most of time” it is not enough. Small number or lack of programmers is really no excused when we talk about quality. It is a question of setting priorities.
But keep on beliewing, I don´t expect so much from jolla anymore.


I do not have whatsapp but my XA2 does not have one of.the bugs described.

:smile: also my other android phone does not suffer from these bugs…

Seriously speaking as the GPS bug is old as hell and nothing has been done to fix it I am thinking of claiming my sailfixh-x license money back from Jolla. as a customer I have right to expect that a their software product installed (without problems) into a supported device would deliver such a basic functionalty as positioning.
-what do you think ?

The license is only used for Android and Exchange support, predictive text, easy updates and customer support. Everything else (which is pretty much the entire OS) is available completely free of charge. You can’t get your money back because you didn’t pay for it in the first place.

I tend to agree with the sentiment, but you didn’t buy Sailfish OS, you just paid some money to be able to use Android apps.

I disagree, some proprietary components inside Jollas sailfish-x does not mean they are not reponsible for whole product. Community version is of OS free, but it must be considered a separate product.

Do whatever you like. I have a working phone and if yours is better off with some other OS. So be it.

What I wanted to point out, that I do not have one of the bugs you described. Things happen. Others don’t.

They provide Sailfish free of charge and free of pressure. You chose to install it (regardless of whether you then paid for Android apps or not). All of the problems you experience are in the base OS, which the license does not cover. If Android support didn’t work, or customer support refused to reply to your requests for help, that would be a cause for a refund. It’s like if a restaurant gave away free meals to everyone and only asked you to pay for the drinks, surely you wouldn’t ask for a refund because there was a hair in your meal?

There are no two separate versions of Sailfish where one version is ‘community’ and one version is ‘licensed’. They’re one and the same, and buying a license just flips a switch that gives you access to a few more things (that are in no way necessary to use the phone). This’ll become more evident whenever Jolla starts letting you purchase licenses for community ports.

I have the feeling, this update time not everything went well. I also had my problems, and in the end the phone crashed. So I had to reflash it with the new SFOS, and also new install all apps. But now everything is fine again and phone is working.
There are a lot of new app versions for compatibility with SFOS . They are available on OpenRepos/Storeman and Chum, if not available on Jolla Store yet.

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Updating was a bit clunky, though but now everything works well except sharing some pics to Signal. I can live with that.

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It has been a while since I posted this topic. I am extremely happy for you having a fault free device but it really does not give anything to this discussion. I am curious about why people seem to have this kind of attitude when it comes to bugs. Every system has bugs but it does not mean we have tolerate them forever. I have been reading this forum lately a lot and this is not the only sarcastic or "my device works , who cares about others " type comment I have seen. Seems there is people who love Jolla, community or forum so much that they need to comment and defend Jolla products even when there is no reason.
Merry Christmas to all of you here at forum. I will evaluate the next relase . Hopefully it will be a release that fixes stability and broken things.


i had a x10 and battery life was getting worse with each update, but in the end it was a dead battery.

sfos on gs290 is running fine.
so when somebody would tell me: i have no such problems on a similar phone i would start to think about my hardware or to reflash the phone.

gps is a common problem. pictures are not great for all of us, bluetooth with car set ok, but the rest seems strange.

phone, mms, e mails …

it is either specific to xa2 port or to your phone imho

Let me quote myself as an answer:

If you found the single truth. Good for you.
Please do not feel in any way tempted to look for things you might have messed up yourself.
What would the kind of people dealing with problems do without those complaining? Don’t we all need each other?
I guess not.

Please not another strange thread.

We’ve all found that Sailfish X causes problems for some users and satisfies others. We also know that there are some annoying long-term bugs that will probably never be fixed. We also know that Jolla is not a communication machine and likes to talk to its customers. But we should also know that Jolla does not keep customers in jail, that all newer devices are now flashable and that there is another world beyond Jolla.

Your choice.