New device installation - XPeria 10 II

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): Always
BUILD ID = Latest?
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): XPeria 10 II


A few things to “iron out” when going throug the flashing of the device:

  • Providing IMEI of sim card 2 is not working (it needs sim card 1 on a dual sim device)

  • I have updated to Android 11 (as per suggestion), yet the script wants AOSP for Android 10.
    Is this expected?

  • Write down which AOSP file needs to be downloaded; there is many to be chosen from; and finding the right one takes time. Plus : get the script to download it?

  • After booting into android (right after flashing), one has to re-enable developer options & usb debugging again

This is made clear in instruction step 6.

Many people seems to be confused by it, so i guess it could do with a clarification. But ultimately the instructions are correct, the two are only loosely related. But the actual port is AOSP10-based.

This is stated in instruction step 5. Sony probably doesn’t allow automated downloads (EULA and crap like that). And the link is seemingly to a specific version.

About the actual AOSP file; the script is mentioning the generic name of the file to download, i.e. the version is missing. Given there are many versions, it would be very handy to have it

Thanks for the report and suggestions @tortoisedoc. As I think @attah details, most of the points you raise aren’t really bugs, but probably would be better described as suggestions for improvement.

To keep things clear I’ve moved this into the Feature Request section. If you think this is a mistake let me know and I can move it back. My feeling is that it’s more likely to get the discussion it deserves if it’s in the right section.

Yep no problem. Just thinking about user experience; the selection of the right fw took two rounds for me and an automated solution would improve it by alot…essentially removing user error and streamlining the process

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Yes, please don’t take the movement to be a sign that your suggestions aren’t good or appreciated. Quite the opposite! Speaking personally, I think we should always be looking for ways to improve the installation process.