Network issues Sailfish on PinePhone Pro


I could install Sailfish OS on my Pinephone Pro using flash-it utility. However, I am facing issues with network as it get disconnected from network and could not identify the SIM card after sometime once the phone is ON. It identifies network when phone is ON.

It is also noted that internet is disabled. I could not enable it. @piggz @nephros any pointer?

I am not familiar at all with pine ports, apart from having a PineTab.

Try The Pinephone Thread and the links from there.

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Maybe there is an issue with the modem disappearing when the phone sleeps. As a workaround, you could try entering the following at the terminal
mcetool -searly

This will disable full suspend, but will affect battery life.

Thank you @piggz and @nephros It seems to be because of that. Is there any possibility of fixing it permanently? Also, is there any pointer to why the internet is disabled and how can we enable it? I gave the command you shared. I will check and get back to you.

I will check the Pinephone thread, @nephros